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Engage your audiences more easily thanks to Adictiz Instant



Digital media desperately looking for an audience

Over-solicited, more and more Internet users are switching from one content to another and it is increasingly difficult for brands to retain them for more than 8s within the same digital environment.

By offering interactive content that solicits the participation of Internet users and that you can easily activate yourself within your content pages, Adictiz Instant helps you to entertain your audiences in order to better retain and engage them

Adictiz Instant has 3 main objectives


Create interactions with your community, increasing attention span and time spent


Get information about your audiences to improve future content on your sites


Enhance your profiling with interactive advertising spaces or sponsoring.

Interactive Contents that can be activated in just a few clicks

Thanks to Adictiz Instant, create and deploy interactive marketing content for all your audiences.

Take advantage of 15 customisable mechanisms in a few simple steps, and 4 iframe responsive delivery formats, on desktop and mobile to reach your audiences wherever they are.

Launch an unlimited number of campaigns and distribute them easily on your website pages, product pages, blog posts and social networks.

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adictiz instant

An intuitive and easy to use interface

Thanks to an intuitive online interface, choose your mechanics from the catalogue, and personalise it very quickly by integrating your texts, an image and/or a background video. 

Preview your campaign in real time and make changes if necessary, then distribute it via the microsite url or via an iframe within your site pages.

Consult all the performance of your devices directly in the Adictiz Instant interface.


15 mechanics to meet all your objectives 

Poll, rating, quiz, scratch, Gallery...Adictiz Instant is a catalogue of 15 mechanisms allowing you to design and address he most relevant content according to your audiences, your objectives and your distribution media.

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Facebook Gallery

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Twitter Gallery

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Youtube Channel

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Instant Locator

The adictiz instant solution's advantages

Quick customization

Simplified customisation of graphic elements and immediate online publishing

Unlimited design

There are no limits to your creativity, create as many concepts as you want and distribute them wherever you want.

High availabality

The applications are designed so as not to hinder the performance and loading of your pages.

Real time update

All your changes are automatically saved and taken into account.

Total indepedence

No human or technical intervention is necessary, everything is configurable from the interface.

Simple and fun

Each application is designed to be interactive and fun. You don't over-stress your audiences

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