Reach, Engage, & Convert
 your audience thanks to marketing games


Online marketing contest, the future of brand advertising

The emergence of mobile technology and social media has transformed the way brands connect to their customers and prospects. Users can get bogged down in the never-ending stream of advertisements, and brands struggle to get a clear view of the ROI for their efforts.


Our solutions allow you to use marketing contests to activate your audience while measuring concrete results like recruitments, engagements, and conversions.



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Generate leads and opt-ins 
Attract new Facebook fans,
Twitter followers and YouTube subscribe
Qualify your user base
Download mobile apps



Develop your brand image
Promote your products and latest news
Manage your community
Initiate participatory marketing (UGC)
Create a connection between your users and your brand



Generate new online traffic
Generate point-of-sale traffic
Push cross-sells and upsells
Boost average order size
Increase purchase frequency

Creating marketing games with Adictiz Box is a cinch

Adictiz Box offers a 100% customizable solution to create your marketing games and contests in just a few clicks with no technical know-how required.


Synchronize your marketing campaign across all websites, mobile platforms, social media pages, and points of sale. Track your collected data and optimize performance in real time.


Over 50 game types suited to your marketing objectives are available to launch your online games on the spot.



Boost the visibility of your games and drive traffic with Adictiz Ads

Adictiz Ads creates and pilots your targeted advertising campaigns in line with all performance models: lead generation, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers, and qualified traffic around your content.


Let our experts handle the planning and optimization of your campaigns. They’ll work to ensure you reach your goals and maximize your ROI across all formats and networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, display, and email). No fees: 100% performance-based billing.



 Count on our experts to see you through

 Account management, design, dedicated support, legal management, CRM & SSO connections, e-mail services, etc. Enjoy a wide range of services and a team of experts who are passionate about using marketing games to help you reach your goals and guarantee your future success.


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