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A complete service offer

Adictiz provides you with a dedicated team of marketing experts to help steer your management strategy and set up your campaigns. We are committed to keeping a close eye on your campaigns in order to optimize them in real time and achieve the best results possible.



Media coverage of your games
100% performance based


Maximize the viral potential of your campaigns and accelerate the rate at which they are shared among an even greater targeted community via Facebook Ads, our network of Facebook applications, as well as mobile partners. Our campaigns are 100% performance-based. They are designed to help you recruit qualified users and grow your fanbase. Reap all the benefits of Adictiz resources and know-how.




A team of professionals recognized by Facebook for its expertise with the "Preferred Marketing Developer" label



The means to promote your promotional offers and brand(s) on Facebook and/or mobile



Our experience in online advertising campaigns: over 80 brands have successfully executed their campaigns thanks to Adictiz.


Web Design & UI


Convinced that user experience is a crucial aspect of your campaign's success, our UI/UX design team—experts in marketing contests and games—will conceive and create your campaign within the realm of game types most suited to your brand image, prize offers, and target audience.




Dedicated support


Our project managers have full rein of the Adictiz Box platform features, and will configure your marketing games according to the scenarios pre-defined alongside your account manager.


Their know-how and availability guarantee that your campaign will be in good hands from beginning to end, resulting in the best possible outcomes.



Legal management

Adictiz will draft the Rules of Procedure so that they are simple and accessible for consumers. Adictiz also takes responsibility for filing the Rules of Procedure with the legal authorities. Even in the event that a Rules of Procedure is not mandatory, it is nevertheless strongly recommended to include one in order to free yourself of any responsibility in the case of a dispute.


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CRM, SSO, & API integration

In order to fully reap the benefits of online marketing contests in terms of enriching your database, the Adictiz Box platform has been built to be perfectly compatible with the vast majority of CRM tools on the market.


And if your CRM tool is not a market standard, our API makes it possible to develop around your particular requirements.



Email campaigns

Our total solution package includes a tool for automatically launching email campaigns, so that you can securely send an unlimited number of emails concerning your games and contests, referral program, and recovery procedure.



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