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Running a community is a top priority for most brands. Building loyalty within an existing brand community is less expensive than acquiring new leads and provides a very high return on investment when done consistently all year long. Read on to learn about Adictiz's tips and best practices for incorporating marketing games—which have now become an integral part of digital marketing—into your yearly action plan and community strategy.


You've recruited new leads and reached out to them for the first time, but you still have to maintain these ties on a daily basis to cultivate a close relationship with your customers. Your community is made up of prospects that are more or less eager to make purchases, customers that are more or less loyal to your brand, and inactive customers that need to be prompted into action. These individuals also vary in terms of age, sex, socio-professional category, location, and interests. Games are fun, interactive, and quick to set up, making them an ideal tool for cultivating these various target audiences in a personalized manner.


Getting your community used to playing your brand's game on a regular basis is a great way to bring everyone together. We recommend offering one game per month for around three weeks each time to provide an optimal user experience and fully re-engage players with each new game. For example, you could opt for games that allow you to level up or game mechanics that incorporate a scoring system to maximize your retention rate.


Help users make a habit of playing your game by offering all your marketing games and contests at the same place, such as a gaming portal. Display your current game, tell users about the next game on a teaser page, and you're all set! By playing your games, your customers will gradually form a habit of playing your brand's games during their free time, such as when they’re using public transport, eating lunch, and transitioning to their next meeting. Games are a great way to take advantage of #waitmarketing!


A marketing game is a multi-channel tool. Take full advantage of its versatility by sharing it on your website, mobile platforms, social media accounts, and points of sale, and mention it on all your communication mediums. Games make up a linchpin of your strategy and can be easily incorporated into your marketing mix. They provide the perfect opportunity to showcase your originality and innovation and build on your traditional outlets, which have already been shown to build your community's confidence. These channels include point-of-sale advertising, packaging, newsletters, blogs, social media, text messages, and radio and TV advertising.


Your community expects your brand to direct the conversation, but also expects to be asked for feedback and to interact within a truly collaborative relationship. Feedback, recommendations, and other forms of user-generated content typically have a strong influence over the community. With this in mind, feel free to survey your prospects and customers, test their knowledge about your brand, and encourage them to contribute through games. Customizer; Battle; Vote; Shopping-List; and photo, video, and text contests are just some of the types of games you can use to adopt a participative marketing strategy.


Encourage several people to play the same game. For example, you could invite members of your community to play for their spouses, parents, or grand-parents and send out their respective results. This approach will give your brand more authenticity and added value, which are the signs of a close, trust-based brand-consumer relationship that is maintained on a daily basis.


What is the difference between a brand you openly praise and one you use discreetly and only because you need to? In large part, it depends on the brand's image and the opinion of your community. Each purchase and experience is shared within an individual's family group, social circle, and community, which are made up of people looking for recommendations before making a purchase and user feedback and reviews once that purchase has been made.


Nowadays, a brand's digital reputation hinges on social media. Encouraging your game campaigns to go viral with invite and share buttons as well as sponsoring systems via Social Meter is an excellent way to reach out to friends and family and play a larger role in the lives and daily experiences of your community members.


Your community is spread across various social networking platforms. Games on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest each have their own codes and peculiarities. While hashtags and retweets work on some sites, likes and shares are best elsewhere, while photos and videos should be used with the last two options. Put on your social media marketing hat and tailor your game to your chosen network as much as possible.


Games are the number-one tool for collecting data. Use marketing games to promote your products to your community, evaluate their reputation, and keep users informed about your latest releases. The Battle, Vote, and Personality Test games are especially designed to help you reach this marketing goal. The classification data and game behavior information you collect will give you valuable insight you can use when developing future marketing campaigns. Improving your knowledge about your customers will help you convert your most engaged players into brand ambassadors and increase your customers' purchasing frequency!


Whether it's a birthday, marriage, birth, or new house, life is full of important moments. Celebrate them with an engaging game like a photo contest! All you need to do is mine the data you've already collected to spot the most recent important dates, and your users will be happy to associate each of these times with your brand. For example, you could invite them to share a photo of themselves to win a nice prize and congratulate all participants with a special offer like a discount coupon or a reimbursement offer. They will feel valued and appreciate the personalized approach. You can use the same strategy to celebrate your brand's anniversary and tell your customers about how much you've grown. Thank your community and reward them for the role they've played in this collective effort. It's a sure way to increase your brand's likeability!


The day-to-day lives of your community members are full of important events. Sports, culture, traditions, and the changing seasons offer opportunities for you to reach out to your customers with an Instant-Winner Game. Fast game mechanics, an updated version of your branding that corresponds to the event, and small prizes work well for this type of strategy. Opt for fun and informal brand messaging and focus on re-using existing content like photos, videos, GIFs, and music. No key dates coming up on your calendar? Base a game off the latest news or reach out to your partners to launch a co-branded marketing game.


At Adictiz, we believe marketing games produce benefits over the long term when this strategy is pursued regularly and often. We often hear the following criticisms:

  • The community will get tired of it

  • It takes too much time

  • It costs too much

It's important to note these issues can be resolved with an effective platform that makes personalized marketing games.

  • High-quality features and game mechanics let you offer your community game scenarios that are as varied and customized as you want, allowing you to provide your customers and prospects with a unique user experience each and every time.

  • The platform's flexibility lets you easily incorporate your corporate identity into a variety of game campaigns. You can also re-run a campaign and adjust the minimum setting to extend the game's duration. This kind of platform is easy to use and lets you empower your marketing, communications, social media, and e-commerce departments to use the marketing games as they see fit.

  • By purchasing a yearly subscription, you can also reduce production costs and get unlimited access to the platform. You are free to subscribe to additional support, design, configuration, and advertising services according to your resources and budget. The platform's analytic dashboard lets you evaluate and optimize your performance in real time to maximize your return on investment.

Feel free to contact our team of experts to talk about your future marketing projects in greater detail.