Playable Ads, new “must have” ad format for your UA strategy

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Let people play your game before they install the app

After banners and video, the playable format is the most promising on the market! It natively embeds a short game experience developed in html5, thus offering users the possibility of testing the main functionalities of your application. The promise is simple: “try before you buy”. Users who end the experience by installing your app are much more likely to return and continue to engage with your brand over time (Life Time Value).


Adictiz Expertise

Adictiz builds your Playable Ads to help you improve your conversation rates and ROAS. Game is our DNA! Our 10 years of expertise and internal technologies guarantee fast and efficient deliveries. Our Playable Ads are 100% customizable to ensure users get the best preview of your apps. Design, development, integration... We deliver the turnkey Playable so that you can focus your efforts on iterating your iPs.




Benefits of Playable Ads


Engaging Ad

Audiences respond better to experiences that create momentary enjoyment & fun!  


High LTV users

Maximise your ad send by attracting people who will use the app more often 


High conversion

The app preview maximizes ROAS in the long run

Broadcast your Playable Ads campaigns

Our playable ads are developed in html5 meet the technical specifications of the following Ad networks  (Facebook, Ironsource, Applovin, Unity Ads, Mintegral, Mopub, Chartboost, Vungle, Adcolony, Tapjoy etc.. ) 

3 simple steps to create your Playable Ads

Design, development and integration, we guarantee that the users get the best taste of your game. Tailored made html5 Playable Ads, delivered within 2 to 4 weeks according to your needs

Capture d’écran 2020-09-25 à 14.22.44


Definition of the gameplay and customizables parameters


Capture d’écran 2020-09-25 à 14.22.47


Production of the game screens and the experience before acceptance

Capture d’écran 2020-09-25 à 14.22.51


of the localized builds for the ads networks


With Adictiz, benefit of the largest catalog of Payable Ads on the market

Based on all the game mechanics offered by the Adictiz Box platform, Adictiz Playable Ads benefits from the largest catalog on the market. Discover and test the latest examples of playable banners now.


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