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Playable Ads, the new format to make up consumers with digital advertising


Adictiz designs, creates
and broadcasts your interactives ads

In a context of advertising saturation, HTML5 playable ads are the next evolution after banner and video ads. Adictiz Playable Ads work as a “try before you buy” type ad unit, integrating a 100% customizable gaming experience and letting users interact with your brand natively within the display unit. Leveraging the fact that humans love to play, Playable Ads make up audiences with digital advertising and offer far better engagement rates and value for money. Discover our IAB friendly ad unit and our wide range of gameplays available for brands and for gaming studios.


Discover Playable Ads for Brands

Branding, trafic, lead generation, regardless of the industry, Playable Ads and Interactive Ads help brands to engage their audiences and to increase the return on ad spend for display campaigns.

Creatives, Media diffusion, performances and uses case, find out everything about Playable Ads for Brands.

Discover Playable Ads for Gaming studios

While the number of game applications continues to grow on the playstores, give your future players the opportunity to try your games thanks to a playable demo directly integrated within the ad format. Design, development, integration... We deliver the turnkey Playable.

New standard for your UA strategy, find out everything about Playable Ads for gaming studios.


With Adictiz, benefit of the largest catalog of Playable Ads on the market

Based on all the game mechanics offered by the Adictiz Box platform, Adictiz Playable Ads benefits from the largest catalog on the market. Discover and test the latest examples of playable banners now.


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