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Adictiz Playable Ads, what are we talking about?

Brand new interactive display ad banner that natively integrates a personalized gaming experience in your brand’s colors. With the explosive growth of mobile users, HTML5 playable ads are becoming an important tool for brands to increase engagement and ROI on advertising spend. The biggest brands are already achieving their marketing goals with Adictiz Playable Ads (branding, traffic lead generation and mobile app downloads)


How does it work?

The Playable format fits into IAB display ad units.The user clicks and begins to play within the banner without leaving his web navigation. The audiences are engaged very quickly in your brand universe. Thanks to the interactivity the ad recall is much more higher compared to static formats. Marketing Games experts since 10 years, we work with you on the production of your Playable Ads and their distribution in programmatic purchasing.

Orange campaign co-produced with Jellyfish

3 easy steps to capture the attention of visitors and
to measure engagement of your audiences throughout the playable creative funnel


Broadcast your Playable Ads campaigns in a programmatic environment

Our playable ads are developed in html5 meet the technical specifications of the various DSPs on the market (Google, Xander, Sublime Skin, Facebook etc…)

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The best users experiences lead to
the best marketing performances

After image and video, interactive advertising has much higher engagement rates. "Gamification plays a huge role in memorization. A video ad that you're passive in front of won't have the same impact."
(Source Journal du Net 2020)


Time spent

Average time spent per user within the interactive banner



Click Trough rate

The playable ads format records 2X higher CTR compared to other formats


Purchase intent

The playable ads format increases the likelihood that a consumer will buy

Wide range of IAB formats available












With Adictiz, benefit of the largest catalog of Playable Ads on the market

Based on all the game mechanics offered by the Adictiz Box platform, Adictiz Playable Ads benefits from the largest catalog on the market. Discover and test the latest examples of playable banners now.

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