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Adictiz Playable Ads,
The shining star of digital advertising

Leveraging the fact that humans love to play, Playable Ads allow your audiences to engage in a strong brand experience. In a highly competitive environment, marketing games bring performances unreachable via classic ad formats.


What is it ?

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How does it work ?

The Playable Ads
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Playable Ads, what is it ? 

Adictiz Playable Ads is a new display banner format that natively integrates a personalized gaming experience in your brand's colors. Surprise your target audiences and capture their attention by adopting an interactive format that will allow you to emerge within the display spaces!

Playable Ads meet several marketing objectives: branding, traffic generation and mobile app downloads.

Thanks to our expertise in gaming and media coverage, we support you in the production of your Playable Ads and their distribution in programmatic purchasing.

The best users experiences lead to
the best marketing performance
The Playable Ads format is naturally engaging and helps to boost your advertising performance


Exposure time

Average time spent per user within the playable banner



Click-through rate

The playable ads format records 3x higher lick rates than other formats


Conversion rate

From Adictiz Playable Ads format, compared to image and video formats

Playable Ads, how does it work ?

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A wide range of available formats


Rectangular or square









 Adictiz Playable Ads in practice


Allociné adopts the new generation display.

As part of the launch of the Indestructibles' new movie, Allociné, in partnership with Disney, chose Adictiz to develop a Playable Ads format that would be broadcast before and during the film's launch. Users are very quickly engaged within the banner allowing the license to emerge within a classic location and develop its branding.

When the user clicks, he/she starts his/her part within the banner, without changing the page. At the end of the first test, a call-to-action refers to the complete set in which the advertiser can collect data (email,...)

Click-through rate on desktop is 3x more than a static banner


mobile click-through rate vs. 11% on video ads


Facebook Playable Ads, by Adictiz

Boost your downloads to your mobile applications with Facebook Playable Ads ! The new format offers an interactive preview of your app to encourage qualified users with a high level of intent to install your app by allowing them to try it before buying. Adictiz, expert in mobile and gaming, will guide you through the production and diffusion in 3 key steps :

  • Creating and immersive preview
  • The production of the playable demo of your application
  • The diffusion of your Playable Ads to your target audience

facebook blueprint certification

Our media team, certified Facebook Blueprint, guarantees a number of qualified downloads to your app through the implementation of a turnkey performance media plan.


The largest catalogue of Playable Ads on the market

Based on all the game mechanics offered by the Adictiz Box platform, Adictiz Playable Ads benefits from the largest catalogue on the market. Discover and test the latest examples of playable banners now.


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