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Grow your community, engage your customers, and launch promotions using online marketing games and contests 

Adictiz Box is the number one solution for creating online marketing games and contests in just a couple clicks. With our platform, you’ll reach your marketing objectives on the web, via mobile, at points of sale, as well as via social media.


50 customizable game types to suit an infinite number of marketing scenarios

In just a few easy steps on our interface, you can configure and customize your marketing contests employing your own graphic identity.

Add videos, text, and images at every step of the creation process and modify visual elements at any time. Change up the game options in real time: add new pages and sharing options.  


A SaaS platform that comes with unlimited access

With unlimited access to all the platform's features, you can plan your marketing contest strategy for the entire year.

You can schedule your campaigns in advance and on a recurrent basis in line with the latest happenings of your brand as well as the critical periods for your industry.

Your results can only improve! 



Benefit from our expert guidance

In line with your brand, your latest news, and the critical periods for your sector, our account managers are committed to devising the best strategies to guide you toward your business objectives and reactivate your respective communities throughout the year.  


Launch your marketing contests on all your channels
web, mobile, and store

With the explosion of mobile-driven web traffic, cross-platform development for both web and mobile has become a crucial aspect of any strategy concerning recruitment, engagement, loyalty, promotion, and community management. To meet this high standard, Adictiz Box has at the core of its design a multi-channel/device management feature. This functionality makes it possible to easily reach out to targets across all points of contact necessary for building customer relationships :

Social Networks

Launch your Adictiz box campaigns directly within your IOS and android applications

Generate new downloads and users thanks to the viral nature of your campaigns
Engage your mobile audience and improve the retention rate of your applications

Convert and transform your mobile users into customers thanks to instant-win and coupon prize game types.

 Track your campaign's performance using the reporting tool


Measure your campaign's performance with Adictiz Box's built-in analytics tool. See your ROI in a glance thanks to indicators relevant to your campaign's objectives.



The inclusion of various third-party tools in Adictiz Box makes it easier for you to measure your ROI. Our API allows you to easily connect these solutions to your own technology tool.




Take it a step further by converting your users with a CRM tool: thanks to your user base, you can identify each and every user and optimize your campaigns accordingly.



Make a great use of our solutions for email campaigns, data management, and CRM all integrated inside Adictiz box

Adictiz Box connects to numerous leading solutions on the market, all of which have been developed to enable you to get the most out of your marketing games in real time: CRM tools, lead routing solutions, and even services to help manage prize pools as well as in-store game terminals.


100% customizable game mechanics

Make full use of the different game types according to your objectives and even combine different mechanics to create a truly unique gaming experience.

Lead Generator/opt-ins

Collect user data via automatic or pre-filled forms in your campaigns

Ubiquitous campaigns

Harmonize your entire project in a single click across all web and mobile platforms: Facebook, the Web, Mobile, Native iOS and Android Applications.

Multilingual campaigns

Launch your project in the language of your choice: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic, Chinese, etc.

Social media login

Give your users the option of connecting via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, or email

CRM sign in

Synchronize your data with your Mailchimp, CRM360, and Salesforce accounts, or export to an Excel document in just a few clicks.


Measure the performance of your campaigns using our integrated statistics tools in addition to Google Analytics.


Add as many users as you'd like to co-manage your account.


Choose from our large catalog of digital offers that integrate directly into your campaigns (coupons for iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, movie tickets, etc.).

Ads and promotions

To give your results a boost, you can promote your campaign using our Media platform run in conjunction with Facebook Ads as well as in partnership with other leading advertising agencies in Europe.

Social plugins

Leverage the viral springboards of platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.


Benefit from the know-how of our experts to put your campaigns into place and reach your marketing objectives.

Marketing material

Make good use of our templates and tutorials to organize and launch your campaigns with greater ease.


Your campaigns are hosted in total security in the cloud in order to ensure the greatest availability.


Our free platform updates are included with your subscription.

Tailored development

We are able to overlay customized modules in order to fully capitalize on our platform's full range of features.


Harness the power of marketing contests
and games for your brand today