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Adictiz Ads are 100% performance based and designed to drive qualified traffic to your games

Develop a targeted and qualified audience thanks to paid advertisement


With Adictiz Ads, you’ll harness the collective value of a large, targeted audience to accelerate the performance of your game and contest campaigns. You’ll get all the advantages of our powerful broadcast channels to help you:


  •  Generate qualified leads
  •  Drive qualified traffic toward your marketing games and contests, your website, and your points of sale
  •  Grow your communities (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  •  Maximize the reach of your content and videos toward your core target audience
  •  Increase your online and point-of-sale traffic

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Adictiz Ads will guide you through every performance metric  to guarantee the success of your brand's approach


Create marketing games and contests with the Adictiz Box solution

Circulate your marketing games and contests among a targeted audience with 100% performance-based Adictiz Ads

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Création de vos jeux marketing avec la solution Adictiz Box
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Diffusion de vos jeux marketing sur une audience ciblée 100% à la performance avec Adictiz Ads

Leverage marketing contests for your campaigns,the leading media lever
for collecting qualified data 


Serving as a playful bridge between brand and consumer, online marketing contests allow you to engage your traffic thanks to a completely personalized experience. You will also capture more qualified data with your campaigns, and drive greater conversion of your audience both on the web and directly via points of sale.


Drive the recruitment, engagement, and conversion of your audience with Adictiz Ads



62% of AB consumers
have better recollection of ads that take the form of games and contests.



3x more engagement
Ads that include some sort of game aspect achieve 3x more engagement.



53% of those who participate in online marketing contests go on to make a future purchase on the brand's website.

Proven and powerful acquisition levers


Adictiz Ads leverages proven, varied, and powerful traffic generation techniques to deploy your 100% performance-based acquisition campaigns.


Our experts will serve you as your daily guides in the customization and management of your online campaigns


At no additional cost, you’ll have access to a team of professionals certified by Facebook Blueprint and Twitter Flight School
Benefit from both an Account Manager and a Traffic Manager dedicated to the success of your online campaign
Conception through design
Conception through design

Creation and version control of ads (designs, text, tracking, etc.)

Buying and campaign planning
Buying and campaign planning

Goal setting and KPIs. Define targeting and sharing strategies, ad formatting, as well as manage bids on various ad networks

Management and optimization

Track and optimize KPIs in real time thanks to our management platform.

We offer targeting based on multiple criteria in order to reach the best possible profiles in line with your target audience and marketing objectives


By country, region, and city


By age, sex, and education level


Targeting by products, areas of interest, etc.

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