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Penalty game, long live sport!

Score as many points as possible in the allotted time(available in Football and Rugby modes).

The Penalty mechanics is based on the universal shooting game, which you can easily adapt to your brand universe or use for sports themes, with its two game modes: soccer and rugby. The aim of the game is simple: the player must score penalties to win.

The user must take as many shots as possible into a given corner to obtain the highest score, and can be challenged by activating a variety of options: targets to aim at, goalkeepers to avoid, wind affecting the direction of shots, and so on.

This format will help you increase the time spent on your channels, and perfectly meets your engagement objectives by encouraging users to replay regularly to improve their score. Ready to go? Play!

Penalty game parameters to customize :

  • Number of entries (per day, week, month, campaign and user)
  • Goal type (soccer or rugby mode)
  • Message animation
  • Stopwatch activation
  • The number of lives
  • Game mode (easy, medium, hard)
  • Activation of “wind” mode (randomly activated with each shot)

Customize appearance :

  • The visual background
  • The visual target
  • Visual wind arrow
  • The visual of the keeper at rest
  • The message in case of success or failure

Discover how to create a penalty game in Adictiz.

Penalty game campaign examples

Penalty game raja<br />
Rugby league penalty game
Legrand penalty game

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