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Customizer game, create your own look!

Personalize and share creations via a dedicated gallery featuring a voting system. Ideal for a co-branding strategy.

Customizer mechanics
mechanism invites your users to personalize a visual of your choice with color, text or icons. The possibilities are endless: you can personalize an existing product from your brand, ask users to create an ideal product, hijack a photo, ask children to color a picture…

This Customizer game mechanic is ideal for reaching your qualification objectives and obtaining crucial information on the type of products/services/collections that would appeal most to your users.

It can also meet your engagement objectives. Launch community co-branding campaigns(propose the personalization of a product that will be marketed) and generate UGC(User Generated Contents) around your brand universe.

Customizer game parameters :

  • Participation limits (per day, week, month, campaign and user)
  • The color panel (customizable from a predefined list)
  • A panel of stickers (customizable from a predefined list)
  • Text panel (choice of typeface, color and size)
  • Choice of visuals (add up to 4 different visuals to personalize)
  • Layer management (layers represent the various editable parts of the product)

Customize appearance :

  • The visual background
  • Font selection
  • The visual of the validation button
  • The visual of the “save color” button
  • The visual of the “I’m starting” button

Discover how to create a Customizer game in Adictiz.

Examples of Customizer game campaigns

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